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Welcome to Loving the Wounded Child!

…. a community designed to encourage, support and equip those caring for children impacted by trauma, and to offer insight and knowledge for the people surrounding these families.

Many of us have children in our lives who have been through hard things– really hard things–to the point of becoming traumatized. If you are the parent of or know any children who are in foster care, have been adopted, or come from broken families, chances are very high that these children have been greatly impacted by trauma of some form.

In some cases the source of trauma is obvious, but often the cause is less apparent. The symptoms can be complex, confusing, and incredibly difficult to live with. It can be very overwhelming and isolating to have the responsibility of caring for a child impacted by trauma! You are not alone.

There is Hope

On this site, you will find resources for understanding how trauma impacts children and how to help them heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  You will also find methods for coping with and sorting through the conflicting emotions parents and caregivers go through in the course of one day- sometimes in just a few minutes!

Finding Support

By connecting with others walking a similar path, sharing resources, and honest stories of struggles and wins, we become stronger and less isolated- inspiring and equipping each other to better love and nurture these precious, wounded children… while attempting to stay sane in the process!

Be the Support

This space is also intended for anyone involved with children from hard places (grandparents, teachers, friends, the church family, etc.), wanting to gain insight, connect with and learn to support these children and families in the best way possible.

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