Spiritual Affirmations for Your Children {with printable}

Spiritual Affirmation

Nurturing the soul

Sometimes it’s easy to get so focused on nurturing our children physically and emotionally that we forget how important it is to nurture their soul!

It’s essential for all children to be affirmed with truth, but even more so for children from hard places. People who have experienced trauma often develop low self-esteem, have a negative self-image and feel terribly insignificant. These beliefs are deeply rooted in past experiences. In order to change this belief system children need to be reminded (again and again!) that they are precious, valuable, and so loved.

Our children need to know how loved they are by us,  but they also need to be told how loved they are by God–the only one that can truly bring light and truth.

Through nurturing our children’s souls with God’s truth each day we can help them renew their thinking. Consistent spiritual affirmation will slowly begin to push out the feelings of insignificance, replacing them with the truth of their real value and identity.

Spiritual Affirmations

If you’re uncertain where to begin, I’ve provided a list of scriptures with some simple affirmations and powerful truths to get you started. I encourage you to speak these truths to your children daily. Find a way to incorporate them into your routine and it will become a powerful, life-giving habit! (Depending on their ages, you may want to look up the verses together and discuss in more detail.)


spiritual affirmations for your children

 Printable Version Here

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing immediate results. Belief systems run deep and it will take some time to uproot the negative beliefs and replace them with the truth. Keep planting the seeds believing they will take root and grow!

 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9


Have you considered the spiritual side of healing from trauma? Do you recognize the need to build children up in this way? What are some more scriptures and spiritual affirmations you could use to help your child heal? Let me know in the comments!

♥ Lindsey


Lover of God, family, and friends, with a heart of compassion for wounded souls; endeavoring to live on purpose and inspire others to do the same; finds joy in sunsets, summer evenings, stacks of books, and coffee!

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12 Responses

  1. Ronnie says:

    I’m glad you posted this, because so many children are wounded. This gives parents a way to begin dealing with the hurt so they can be healed and move forward with a happy life.


  2. Kris Christian says:

    Your Blog is amazing! God will continue to bless you as you walk this out and share with others. You are loved and deemed so important by God and me!

  3. Allison says:

    Hi Lindsey! Visiting from CBMM today! Thanks so much for this wonderful printable! It is headed for 2 of my kiddos today!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog!

    • Lindsey says:

      Hi, Allison!
      Thanks for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed the printable- I hope your kids benefit from it as well!

      I’ll head over to your blog again soon!

  4. Ava says:

    Brilliant tips for parents…

  5. Alice Mills says:

    I really love these. Have you read Blessing Your Spirit by Arthur Burk? I believe these kinds of nurturing and blessing are crucial.

  6. Jordan says:

    I love this! Printing it out now for my daughter’s room. Thank you!

  7. Lois says:

    Love this! Will use the affirmations with my new students as well as my kids at home. Thanks for putting it together! Blessings!